Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our Silly Tilly

B-A-B-Y that spells fun!
because in our house we have one!

I can't even tell you how much I love this little lady. 
Life is so much more fun with her in our house.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mom's best friend

As a mother now, I find myself constantly checking out baby gear that people have. I observe the different kinds of car seats at church and other such gadgets. I think to myself, "do I need that?" or "I wonder if that's a good brand".

One of my favorite baby gadgets is our stroller. Tilly loves going places in the stroller, actually she just loves going anywhere. So, I absolutely love our simple stroller that allows me to click her car seat right in and off we go.

While Devon and I were at the furniture store a couple weeks ago we noticed a fun little stroller similar to ours. It had a carrier that clicked right into the stroller too. As I looked at it I noticed it wasn't a brand I recognized. I also observed that the baby inside had a lot more hair than our baby.

 Their baby also seemed to be getting a lot more attention than ours.


I know I'm not looking forward to leaving Tilly at home with Devon when I have to go back to work, but I've never thought how hard it must be for those parents who have to leave their dog at home while they go shopping for a new couch. God bless them. I think we should stop all this silly debate about gun laws and police serial killers and focus on getting every dog owner their own pet stroller. We could call it the "No Doggy Left Behind" act. Click Here to donate.

If you like strollers for dogs, you may also enjoy my blog post about Slings for Dogs.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

I received one of the best Birthday Presents this year (my birthday is July 28th). Every time I look at it I love it more and more.

My parents are on a mission in Africa and since being away my mom has started writing a specail blog post for each of her kids on their birthday. I love my special post from my mom. It's filled with so many great pictures, some I have never seen, and stories back from being a baby and crazy ones from High School that I cant believe she remembers, and maybe wish she didn't remember. My mom's decription of Devon and I and our courting season is also so.... perfect. I just love how well she has written out my life.

I randomly decided to read it again today and I wanted to put it in a book and a special place where I can share it with my kids in the future. It really is something I will always treasure.

I believe it may be something you might enjoy as well. Here is the link to the sweetest gift my mother has ever given me. (besides maybe the video camera for my 12th birthday)


*Disclaimer: I was a cute baby, but in no way was I a cute teenager.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why I am only half as cool as I think I am

Holy Hanukkah you should see what my parents have been up to lately. I was reading my parent's blog yesterday and I was blown away at the places they have been, the places they've slept and the kinds of people they've met. (And I thought I was cool.)

Today my dad emailed me a quick story of something simple that happened to them recently. It made my heart ache for so many reasons. I loved receiving this story written from my dad's perspective and his own writing, spelling errors and all. My dad is one of the smartest people I know and also one of the worst spelling adults I know, but It's only another reason why I love him so much. He is so simple and kind and also the best mountain man in the world who can fix just about anything. I thought this story he shared was so sad, but made me feel so grateful for what my parents are out doing and the service they are giving.

Dear Mary
I want to tell you about a experience mom and I had this week. it is a Sad story but it is what we see all the time . There are all kinds of people who live on the streets and sleep on the side walks and all over . Many  Are very dirty and ware rags. we walked past a person close to our house who hade no shirt on and pants were ripped all but a couple inches of butt crack was showing witch is common coz They can't hold there pants up wile they are sleeping. But this persons pants were ripped all the crack. And this person was curled up around a tree to try to stay worm .it is winter here and it is early morning as We want by. I notice this person had breasts I asked mom if she notice that was a girl. she hadn't so we want back to check it out. We see women on the streets but not with so little to wear. .we want home and got some clothes and food and woke here up. She hard to wake her up. she was scared  at first. But mom voice and food seemed to calm her she would not talk and really smelt bad she looked like she was 19 or 20 years old.   mom put a sports bra, shirt and a fleece jacket and sweat pants and shoes on her. She gave her one of those nylon bags you gave mom for shopping  with a  sweeter and some food and a few more things in it. She let mom put it on her shoulder and she walk off . it was all we could do there is no place she can go for help.  the people in the area said she has no family and is sick in the head.mom could tell she was real sick.  there is no way of knowing what this poor soul has been through.  for meny people here   It will be a blessing when it is over.  I just wish we could have done more . Well thought I would tell ya about a nother day in Mozambique :-(

 love you Dad

I have to admit, especially recently I have wished my parents had chosen to serve a mission close by, one where they weren't so far away, where we could go visit if we wanted. Or one where they weren't getting sick or in such a dangerous area. But I realize I'm just being selfish and not having them around to cook delicious chile and quesadillas for me when I want to be at "home"  or there to play bocci ball with on Sundays really isn't gong to kill me. I am so grateful to have parents who are fit and able to go out and serve some of the Lord's most impoverished people. I cant wait to do that with Devon some day, just he and I out in the jungle together with our 2 year supply of Macaroni and Cheese. What a great example my parents are. I promise not to complain any more about not having them here, I know they are in a much better place doing much better things. (this is one of those promises that I don't intend on keeping but it sure sounds good)

Aren't they adorable?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Til' Death Do us Part

One of my biggest fears came to pass yesterday, well only partially.

Here's some background. Devon wakes up pretty early in the morning and takes the bus to Salt Lake.
I usually get up a little later and go jogging. I'm always careful to lock the door behind me and take the spare key and stick it in my pocket of my sexy sweat pants. (can sexy and sweat pants go together). I once heard of an ucle who ruined Thanks Giving with his sweat pants.

Anyway,  when I returned from my jog (it was mostly walking) I found the door cracked open and the door handle was not locked. Now, I do have "pregnant brain" but I am 99.3% sure I locked the door and shut it. I was more freaked out than freaky friday. I decided to shut the door and call Devon before going in. I called him at work and had him stay on the phone as I walked through the appartment looking for Brian David Mitchell. Well, I couldn't find him or anyone else in the apparment and all our important things (my expensive jewelry) seemed to still be there. 

I hung up with Devon and decided I would take a shower. My mind began to go crazy and I remembered this time that Devon and I played "hide and seek" in our appartment and Devon looked everywhere and never found me wedged in-between the bed and the wall. I though, maybe Brian was wedged somewhere in my appartment and I just couldn't see him. So, I decided to pull out Devon's glock, put the clip in and cock it, making it ready to shoot. I also decided I was too freaked out to shower and that I would just do the "junior high gym class" thing. Remeber, the wet towel under the armpits?
Well, that was my shower.

I carried the gun around with me all morning, here we are together at breakfast.

It felt so much better carrying that thing around. I've thought about it in the past and wondered, could I really shoot someone? After that morning I realized, yup. I sure could. It's like when someone pops out and scares me and my immediate reaction is to slap them in the face (poor Devon). If someone were to break into my house... BANG! I think that would be the end of them. As long as me and Shirley are together. * Sorry Devon, I just named your gun. I've always wanted to name my daughter after Shirley Temple but Devon won't let me, so here's to naming his gun instead.

Needless to say, I made it safely to work and when I returned home and told Devon how I was too scared to shower, he let me know that Shirley is waterproof.
Cool, maybe next time Shirley.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This is what my boss gave me for Christmas.

I couldn't be happier.

It's definitely the fanciest thing I own.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Very Dewey Christmas 2011

If I had a dollar for every time I said, “I have the world’s cutest kids” I would for sure have enough money to take the whole world out for a cupcake! LOL. Oh no, Don’t get me started on my cupcake obsession! It’s time for you to be updated on the world’s cutest babies, uh hum… I mean, The Deweys!!!

As you can see we have added a new little princess to the bunch, RaVoe and Zelda would love to introduce you to their new baby sister, Siri!

Have I mentioned how cute my kids are yet?


Although I spent a full month locked in my room after Oprah announced her retirement, 2011 has brought us more giggles and laughs than I could even begin to put in one teeny weeny letter. You probably wouldn’t even have enough gigs for it! LOL! So, to save us all some time allow me to list some of our Highlights of the year.

1. Surprising RaVoe with Front row tickets

to see Justin Beiber for her 3rd birthday.

(we were both bawling!)

2. Daddy got his first real Job, and then his 2nd real job! Soooooo many blessings!

3. Getting Devon ALL TO MYSELF when he

stayed home for a month to play NBA Jam.

The lock out really took a toll on him.

4. Losing 10 pounds with the new Carrot Diet!

I absolutely love it, and now ALL the kids are on it!

5. And last but not least, Zelda is finally free after a 6 week grounding for deleting The Royal Wedding off our TiVo.

You know what they say,

“Patience is a virtue but forgiveness isn’t that easy.”

We can only hope that all of you have had at least a portion of the fun and Osama free Year that we did.

We love you all and wish you all





Love, The Deweys

*Dewey Christmas Card 2009

*Dewey Christmas Card 2010